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Top 3 Free Internet Phone Call Providers Top 3 Free Internet Phone Call ProvidersComments Off on Top 3 Free Internet Phone Call Providers

There are people who live in internet phone calls. Yes, they do have a cell phone, but never the less they use it for the purpose of calling from it. When we have a way to make free phone call right from the internet why any one would bother to make a phone call from cell phone that sucks your money.

Here is where free phone call providers come into picture. They offer wide range of services like calling from PC to mobile, PC to PC, Mobile to PC via app and Mobile to Mobile via an app.

This is indeed best way to reduce your cell phone bills. As we saw in the cell phone comparison post the minimum monthly charge is close to $39.99 and the maximum spans till $99.99. Now the minimum pack has very less any time minutes – close to 450 minutes. But unfortunately this is not enough for many and at the same time not every one would like to pay more.

In this case you can use one of the following service to call from your PC or mobile app to a PC or mobile or land line and save money.

1) Google Voice

Google voice is predominantly considered to be consolidating your phone numbers into one Google voice number. Unfortunately many do not know that they offer free call facility. Yes, you can call to any number with the United States freely right from your computer through Google Voice Plugin. If you want to make international calls, then there might be a cost associated with this. You can review this cost at


2. iCall

We sort of reviewed iCall vs Skype in a previous post and you would obviously agree how popular iCall is. As said this is a free tool that offers you to make calls within United States or Canada. iCall is offered via many channels. They have a free desktop client for Windows, Mac. They also have apps for Blackberry and IPhone that can be used when you are connected to WIFI or 3G. Dont forget the call will disconnect every 5 minutes and you will hear an advertisement every time you call them. This can be the only con that we see.

3) Evaphone:

You might want to check our comprehensive EvaPhone Review. As said Evaphone is a free tool and a wonderful community. Well the unique ability of Evaphone is to make quick and really fast calls at an incredibly swift time. And the disadvantage is people try to take advantage of this system to make anonymous calls!



Evaphone Free Phone Calls Review Evaphone Free Phone Calls ReviewComments Off on Evaphone Free Phone Calls Review

When we started researching on free phone calls available, Evaphone hit our mark and we thought it would be nice to give a try.

After going through their website as many service providers advertise the free phone calls features was just a trial for the users. Nevertheless it looked like a cool website especially after seeing their banners saying that Evaphone is being used by 1,000,000 members. Let’s go step by step.

What is Evaphone:

Consider Evaphone as a virtual telephone booth. What you do in a booth is you pay and talk as you want. The concept is very same. You go to their website, start dialing and start talking. The best part of Evaphone is they do not have any any application to install. This was really cool! You just go, dial and talk.

Go the website and dial:

As said earlier, unlike Skype the user do not want the hassle of installing a program and making the call. Once you visit, you will see the dial pad as in the below screen shot.

You will have to select the country in the drop down left to the space where you will enter the numbers. Once you dial the number either by the dial pad or by the keyboard it starts to connect. Within few seconds you will see an advertisement supporting this free call and then the call will be connected.

During our test call, we were allowed to talk for 40 seconds. Daily you are allowed to make one call per one number and two calls together. Since there is no registration at all for this free calls, it might be possible to clear the cookies and change the ip and use the free options again.

Voice Quality:

The voice quality is comparatively very good. During our test call we never faced any bad voice or any error.


In our opinion the price is not very cheap at the same time the price is nevertheless high. When compared to Google voice which provides free calling to the US, and charges $0.01 to US from rest of the world, Evaphone charges $0.012.

Here is the price for different countries.

For more details on the price and other features visit


1) Good quality

2) No installation


1) Not so cheap

2) No bulk costing feature

While there are many cheap calling options for the users, Evaphone is one among them. As a user who is planning to call long distance international calls and do not have the patience to install any software Evaphone is definitely the right fit !


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