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Five Top Application Reviews for Cheap Calls Five Top Application Reviews for Cheap CallsComments Off on Five Top Application Reviews for Cheap Calls

There are a few applications that are better than others, and you must be wondering how to choose the right one. This is why the best applications for cheap and free calling have been enlisted below.

For making cheapest calls: VoIP services are known offer the best rates, and one service that offers the cheapest rates is JaJah. The service from JaJah is free from roaming charges and international calling charges, which makes it an awesome service. For roaming, you just need to pay for data-loading cost.

For free user calling: Undeniably, the most popular service around is Skype, and if you are on Skype, you can probably make free calls to anyone you know as everyone is on the service. Free Skype-to-Skype calls are ready for you with a single download.

For Free Video Calls: Gone are times when you needed free voice calling only. Today, you need video calling for no charges, and that’s the reason why you need services such as Fring and FaceTime. You can call others on video over 3G and Wi-Fi. FaceTime is great if you are looking for video calling on iPhone, while Fring is better for android calling.

For calling to other users: If you want to call users on Skype, MSN Messenger, GoogleTalk, and Yahoo for free from your Smartphone such as iPhone, is the right service for you. You don’t need to have an account with for using their services, which makes it quite a clutter free service.

For calling on Wi-Fi: For those who want to make wifi-VoIP calls, iCall is a service worth checking out. The services of iCall are best for calling in the United States. The call rates are extremely cheap, and there are no reasons why you would need another service on Wi-Fi apart from iCall.

Stay happy with free and cheap calling!


How To Make Cheap Calls Abroad? How To Make Cheap Calls Abroad?Comments Off on How To Make Cheap Calls Abroad?

Most of us are looking for ways to save money on phone bills, and fortunately, smartphone users have many applications in hand for the same. When you are calling abroad, the cost of calls do matter, but thanks to the plethora of applications that allow free and cheap calling, you don’t need to struggle to save money, nor you need to reduce your talks. Here, some essential ways to save on international calls have been discussed.

  • The first way to save on international calls is VoIP. You can come across many services that use VoIP technology to offer free and unlimited calling. Such services are extremely useful for saving on international calls as most of these services are designed to offer free calling between users.
  • Skype has been traditionally known to offer cheap and free calling, but currently, there are many others such as Fring, ViberTango and Kakao that offer free calling and with rates that are lower than Skype. However, you may need to invite your friends, relatives and colleagues on the application, while almost most people are already on Skype.
  • When it comes to international calling services, don’t settle for anything that just offers voice calls. There are services, such as Tango, that offers free video calling, and there are many more that offer SMSing, texting and chatting services, as well.
  • Certain applications have their own patented technology for offering free international calling, and if you are looking to use them, ensure that you check the reviews in advance. Some technologies are just not worth paying your attention.
  • Finally, free calling and cheap calling may not be applicable to all countries, and that’s one reason, you need to see if a service is available in particular country. Also, make a check to see that a calling application works on your smartphone.


Make Free and Cheap Calls with Plingm for iPhone Make Free and Cheap Calls with Plingm for iPhoneComments Off on Make Free and Cheap Calls with Plingm for iPhone

Plingm is one of the most important calling services around for iPhone users, and you can trust this service with your eyes closed. The application was previously known as freephoo, and so in case, you are already familiar with the name, you don’t need to be confused about their services. If you are looking towards getting an uncluttered free calling service, here are a few features of Plingm that you may be interested in.

  • Making calls to Plingm users is completely free, and therefore, you can make unlimited calls to those who are on Plingm.
  • Plingm does offer cheap calling services to over 50 countries. If you are new to Plingm, you get 10 min free calling to any number.
  • If you are roaming, there is no need to pay for those charges as Plingm uses Wi-Fi to get connected.
  • The low cost calling rates from Plingm make it one of the best options for iPhone users. You can call for a fixed rate that’s mentioned in Euros, which makes calculations easy for you.
  • The HD-sound quality for calls ensures that you don’t have trouble calling or reaching anyone in any part of the world where Plingm offers its services.
  • Using their services is easy as you can use one account for all devices on the iOS platform. You don’t need any username and can continue using your own number. There are no hassles of keeping a separate number, and hence, the services are easy to access.
  • There are no advertisements and hidden charges with Plingm, which makes it worth the value and attention.
  • You can directly call your friends on Facebook as well as LinkedIn even without knowing their numbers.

For other details, you can check the official portal of the company and find the rates that they are currently offering for iPhone. Making cheap calls on iPhone is few steps away!


Use Vippie for free and cheap calling Use Vippie for free and cheap callingComments Off on Use Vippie for free and cheap calling

Vippie is a well known and free application for Android platform that works on other smartphones, as well. Here, some of the most common features of the service have been enlisted if you are looking to save the amounts that you spend on your mobile bills.

  • Vippie allows you to make free phone calls, conference calls and video calls, which is itself a great thing. The free calling service is offered for members of the service, and that itself is no small deal. You can connect anyone over connections such as 3G, Edge and GPRS. The services are also usable over Wi-Fi, as well.
  • Vippie has promised that their services will be soon available for the PC and MAC platform, as well. They are already offering their services on iPhone, as well.
  • You can also call users who are not on Vippie but for a small fee. They use VoIP for making calls to other networks, and that’s the reason, you can use their services in any case and save money.
  • There is no need to register on the services of Vippie. They use your existing number as your identity. You can call others on their own phone numbers, and as such, there is no need to keep additional names and numbers. You can find the members who are already on Vippie automatically. The services are that simple to use.
  • There are no annoying advertisements with Vippie, and that’s one of the many reasons why you would like to use it for professional and personal calling.
  • Many services of Vippie are exclusive in nature. If you are worried about sound and voice quality, you will be happy to know the call quality is superb, and it also offers HD quality sound video. You can create calling avatars and can set status for your friends, as well.

Enjoy free calling with Vippie!

Mofree for Free and Cheap Calls Mofree for Free and Cheap CallsComments Off on Mofree for Free and Cheap Calls

Gone are times when you had to rely on your cellular network for making calls at cheap rates and had to use those cumbersome calling cards for making free calls. Mofree is one of the many applications that offer free and cheap calls over the internet, 3G and Wi-Fi connection. Here, some of the features that you can expect from Mofree when you start using their services.

  • The application of Mofree allows free calling to any part of the world on the service. This means you can call Mofree users for free, no matter where they are located.
  • You can make calls to other users, not the Mofree ones, at cheap rates that are offered by the company. The application needs to be downloaded on your mobile, and you can use Mofree for iPhone and android devices with equal ease.
  • They have a unique service called mofree+ which allows you to make free and cheap calls in areas where there is unsteady 3G network or lack of Wi-Fi service. The services use the popular back-calling technology, which ensures that the call quality is great, even when, you are not sure of the connection.
  • The account creation process with Mofree is extremely easy, and you need to only get the access code that the company will offer when you try for registration using your phone number.
  • The services of the company also work on feature phones, so you can use their free calling service on Symbian platforms, as well. For the calling rates, you need to check with the company’s website.
  •  For normal services of Mofree, the call quality is extremely great, and you just need to start calling for using their services.

Mofree is one of the most unpretentious services around, so you can trust them for free calling.


ToiGo for Free Calling on Android ToiGo for Free Calling on AndroidComments Off on ToiGo for Free Calling on Android

When you are looking for free calling and texting service, ToiGo is a service worth looking out for. It is basically an application that offers free calling for the android platform. The services of the company are completely free. Check some of the services from ToiGo.

  • You can make calls and texts over the android platform and over the internet. The services can be used through both Wi-Fi and 3G. To avail free facility, the person you are calling is required to install the application as well.
  • The service of ToiGo offers you a unique service of voicemail, something that you will not find with others. You can leave audio messages for anyone you call and can also receive voice messages from others. You can get the messages sent to you by calling on 1234.
  • ToiGo is one of the few services that integrate with your android address book. You can send messages to others very easily over the internet. It is obvious that you will need an internet connection on your android device.
  • When it comes to roaming charges, most applications for free calling on android are silent on their services, but that’s not the case with ToiGo. You can call and use the same services from any part of the globe.
  • At best, you can compare ToiGo with services such as Skype and Viber. The services are similar with an exception that ToiGo is not available for the iOS platform. The services for the iPhone version have also been released.
  • MmsGo is another application for file sharing that will be released by August by the company, while VeoGo is for video calling that will be launched a month later after MmsGo.

The services from ToiGo seem to be great for now, and if you are looking for free calling without boundaries, check this free service.

MWEB Talk for Making Cheap VoIP Calls MWEB Talk for Making Cheap VoIP CallsComments Off on MWEB Talk for Making Cheap VoIP Calls

When you are willing to save some money from your mobile bills, it’s probably the time that you start using MWEB Talk. The application allows you to make free and cheap calls from your smart phone or personal computer easily. MWEB Talk is based on VoIP technology, and hence, you can make calls to both national and international numbers at cheap rates. Check some of the features of this amazing application.

  • Calls between MWEB Talk users are free, and if you are calling anyone who is not on MWEB Talk, you can call them for cheap rates. The process starts with registering for the service, to get an account. You need to download their software, which is free, and you can start making calls.
  • The application doesn’t include internet data charges. You don’t need to have strange usernames. The application offers you a simple number with your personal choice for area code.
  • You can use their service of setting MWEB Talk accounts for your entire family and keep in touch with everyone for free. Every member will get their own number, and there are no monthly subscription charges with the service. You will be charged on a per second basis on calls that are made outside the network.
  • MWEB Talk works for your business, as well. You can set up MWEB Talk accounts for your entire staff and enjoy calling each other for free. You have the option to manage one account with multiple numbers for the entire office team and offer them credits for calling to other numbers. Again the rates are superb outside the network.

With many services from MWEB Talk, there is no reason why anyone would not need their services. What works in the favour of this VoIP application is the fact they have taken care of family and business needs equally.


Make free VoIP calls with Voziphone Make free VoIP calls with VoziphoneComments Off on Make free VoIP calls with Voziphone

When you are looking for a VoIP service provider, you must be looking for dirt cheap and free calls. This is what Voziphone offers you, ensuring you get to make free calls without many hassles. Some of the features of this free and cheap calling application are listed below.

  • The application of Voziphone allows getting free calling minutes to Canada, USA and Puerto Rico up to 300 minutes. If you have friends in these three countries, there is no way that you will look for any other application.
  • The company charges you for every second. Voziphone allows you to save amount on per minute calls. If you are calling for less than 30 seconds, you will be charged half.
  • All national and international calls on Voziphone are extremely low on cost. You can make calls on 3G and Wi-Fi networks, and you can call anyone, right from your friends, family and business networks without having accessed ITS minutes.
  • Calls that are made between Voziphone users are absolutely free. There are no contracts and you can check your account balance online. Since VoIP is the medium of the service, you can be assured about the quality of the calls. Voziphone also allows you to view the history of the calls right on your mobile.
  • When you are calling on this service, you are saved from all kinds of additional monthly bills and contracts. You can be assured that you can save more than 80% of the traditional bill costs and ensure high profitability. There are no hidden charges, and the rates can be found on their official portal.

When you are willing to save money on your calls, Voziphone comes as the smartest solution. The application of Voziphone is easy to use, and the call rates are really cheap enough to enhance the savings.


Freeje Lite for Cheap Calling on Android Freeje Lite for Cheap Calling on AndroidComments Off on Freeje Lite for Cheap Calling on Android

Finding an application for cheap calls is not tough with so many applications around. If you are looking for reducing your mobile bills on your android phone, you can try Freeje Lite, which is a complete application for free calls. The application offers rates that are much lower than what you would pay to your cellular service. In fact, the company claims that the application will help you save more money than Skype. When you have many friends and relatives located in various parts of the globe, you can enjoy cheap calls with Freeje Lite. Here are a few features of the application that you would love to enjoy.

  • You can use your android device to call on any number, both landline and mobiles at cheap rates.
  • You need to use their service to top up your account, and once you are done, you can use the amount on the application for calling. Also, controlling the application is easy.
  • The calling rates for different places can be known even before you start making the call, which ensures that you are never cheated on the prices and rates. The application doesn’t need you to have a SIP account or any high internet connection for using the service. It can work on general 3G, WiFi, GPRS, and EDGE connections without any effort.
  • The calls made will only use the balance on the top up, and such, you don’t need to have any balance in your cellular account for making calls.

The company is known to have an easy interface, which ensures that there are no added hassles in using their service. Check online to find the list of rates they have. Freeje Lite is one of the few services that remain true to the claims. Get started with calling cheap on android.


VoipFlix for Making Cheap Calls VoipFlix for Making Cheap CallsComments Off on VoipFlix for Making Cheap Calls

VoipFlix is well known and acclaimed VoIP dialer that’s available for a number of platforms. If you are looking for a VoIP based service, here are a few reasons why you should opt for this amazing service that’s available for Android, iPhone, Blackberry as well as any Symbian phone.

  • The application for Voipflix is absolutely free to use and download.
  • The kind of call quality you can expect with Voipflix is at par with all the leading services of the globe. There are no unwanted disturbances around.
  • The free calling minutes are actually genuine, and there are no hidden charges around. You can be assured that you won’t have to pay anything extra while using services of Voipflix.
  • They also have the much talked about Tunnel Technology, which works in all countries, including those where VoIP is banned such as UAE and Oman. Reaching your near and dear ones in these countries is never tough with Voipflix.
  • The services are great if you are calling countries such as Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Calling to these countries is extremely easy and uncluttered.
  • The Voipflix application can work on almost any medium, and you can use connections such as Wifi, 3G, and GPRS. The application can also be used though your local access number.
  • The application claims that they are 60% cheaper than Skype and can help you save you around 98% of the amount you would spend on traditional international calls. This is somewhat too great for any user.
  • You can also send cheap SMS from Voipflix, as well. Also, the application doesn’t have any forced advertisements, banners, and ads, which is great relief for anyone who likes to use hassle free service.

You can check their online portal to find the list of countries that work with their services. They also have their Twitter and Facebook pages where you can get information.





Five Top Application Reviews for Cheap Calls Five Top Application Reviews for Cheap CallsComments Off on Five Top Application Reviews for Cheap Calls
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