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Jajah delivering cheapest calling services Jajah delivering cheapest calling servicesComments Off on Jajah delivering cheapest calling services

For those looking for hassle-free international calling service, Jajah offering cheap international calls is a company to go for. The company offers cheap rates with a wide range of excellent features. The company is popularly known for its responsive customer service and adequate number of mobile applications. Read on to find more services and features of Jajah.

Services offered by Jajah:
As mentioned above, Jajah offers excellent mobile applications, which allow mobile and landline users to use the services of the company by using their existing phone. Users must sign up with the company to get a mobile application. Jajah has designed smart mobile applications that showcase all the contacts on the app page, so that users can use their phone without looking for contact numbers. In some select locations, calls between Jajah users are totally free, like Hungary, Chile, Greece, Hong Kong and Argentina. Users can find further details on the free calling on the official portal.

Features that work:
Users don’t need any hardware and software installation to use the service. The company has been constantly offering exceptional quality services in terms of call quality. Registering for the company is remarkably easy with Jajah; also, the free calling services should interest international callers. Saving and displaying of contacts are truly easy tasks, and the company also offers added features to save numbers on speed dial.

Features that need enhancement:

There is no VoIP calling service from Jajah, which is certainly a sizeable disadvantage. There is no phone support for the users, apart from ordinary email feedback system. English is the only choice for users as the company doesn’t have applications supporting multiple languages.

Final verdict:
Users who just need a quality service for cheap international calls via mobile devices, Jajah will suffice their needs. The company has clear rules and ranks fairly well among other cheap calling services.

How will Google Hangouts in Android mobile change the Market? How will Google Hangouts in Android mobile change the Market?Comments Off on How will Google Hangouts in Android mobile change the Market?

Google hangouts have already attracted number of people to switch from traditional Google and Facebook chat. We can also guess that some of the Skype users have moved on. The biggest advantage and differentiating factor of Google Hangouts is the factor of conferencing. This is an amazing technology that is being offered for free. Though these kinds of features were available on Skype premium version, which is a paid version, users were not familiar with it. Most of the users are looking for free features that are really amazing and exciting to use. Google Hangouts is one of them. The only disadvantage of Google plus and Google hangouts when it came live was the mobile support. After rolling out, Google added mobile apps that did not have support for Google Hangouts. Most of the users were really not happy about this. However recently Google made this big announcement that Android phones will now support Google Hangouts and one can do video conferencing over mobile phone. This is a great gift for users who have been waiting for a long time.

What’s the big deal?

You might be wondering what is in it for us. Here is what we think this can be a game changer. Any free phone calls app that supports video is considered to be lucrative and it is used by multiple users. Now these features are getting integrated with the Operating System (as in the case of Apple Facetime) or the Operating System providers are launching apps (as in the case of Google Android). We also have top tier providers like Skype and Facebook offering their version of apps that are being downloaded by millions of people.

Today the level of internet penetration is so high that one day internet will be anywhere and everywhere – Like office, home, bus, train and flight etc., In this case the user will be connected to internet every time. What makes us think that he will take his cell phone and call through his carrier to convey things to his friends. All he would do is take an app, call or text and convey the message. It is absolutely free, right? Why would anyone pay when there is an option of doing it for free?

This is the level of impact that an app like Google plus with Hangouts will bring to the table.

Top Three Players in Free Phone Calls War Top Three Players in Free Phone Calls WarComments Off on Top Three Players in Free Phone Calls War

Today we wanted to give a different perspective to free phone calls industry – We will compare the top 3 giants who are waging and leading the war. These are not small apps or small businesses but top technology companies with billions and billions of cash reserve. As the world is becoming more and more social, the way people communicate with each other has changed a lot. In early 2000’s when online chat came into existence, it was assumed to be innovation and users were enjoying the features. Today online chat is an integral and must to have feature of any ecommerce or social media website. Today the innovation is targeted towards voice, video and instant messaging. People’s expectations have grown a lot. This article will talk about the top 3 giants in the free phone call industry and the war among them.

Google Hangout

The recent traction in the social media world is Google plus. Google plus’s feature of hangout is a revolutionary way of connecting people. Video conferencing is there in the industry for a long time, but no one came forward to offer this as a free service. Today millions of people are enjoying Google hangout and are connecting with people. With the new announcement that Google hangout availability on mobile will radically change how people will connect in the days to come.

Skype + Facebook + Microsoft

Now that Skype is being acquired by Microsoft, this war is exciting. Microsoft was never good in acquiring companies. We know the long battle between Microsoft and Yahoo in getting into a deal. But surprisingly Microsoft announced acquiring Skype for a whooping 8.5 Billion USD. This is by far the largest acquisition that Microsoft has done in the recent past with an exception to Yahoo. Now with the Skype-Facebook deal for video chat is creating much more interest. While this is a direct answer for Google video chat and hangout we will have to wait and see who is going to rule this market.

Apple Facetime

The giant known for its innovation, has created a great app and pioneered the video chatting options on a mobile phone. Will its revolutionary elegance, Apple has added value to the industry. The experience that Apple has brought to the table is commendable. As always there are folks in Android who are trying to create similar apps copying iPhone’s feature. This may be too late for the Droid team – Apple iPhone users are in millions and it will take more than copy to attract them!

How Facebook will replace your Cell Phone Services in the Future How Facebook will replace your Cell Phone Services in the FutureComments Off on How Facebook will replace your Cell Phone Services in the Future

Facebook with its hundred million users has evolved as a great communication tool. With this level of user engagement and stickiness, Facebook may certainly replace cell phones in the future. While Facebook is looking for IPO in next year, user engagement has grown to an unpredictable rate. Some amazing statistics about Facebook on the amount of data that is being shared on the platform reveals that people are using Facebook as a communication tool rather than social networking website.

This article will focus on facts on Facebook that makes it clear how this social networking platform has evolved as a primary communication tool.


While launching social graph, Facebook updated its old messaging system by adding e-mail address. Even before the launch of this e-mail ID, Facebook messaging system was used by millions of users every day. The biggest advantage of Facebook messaging when compared to text messaging is the cost factor. When service providers charge considerable amount of money for text messaging, Facebook messaging is a gift for users. With the level of smart phone penetration, Facebook message access has become very easy.


There was clearly a period of time where people used to use their cell phones to chat. People used to text back and forth and communicate with each other. It was similar to online chat functionality. However after the launch of Facebook in smart phones, people are using Facebook applications for chatting instead of texting. This is one other example on how Facebook has replaced text messages.

Multimedia messaging services:

Multimedia messaging services was once very famous among youngsters. After the evolution of social media websites especially Facebook and Flickr, usage of multimedia messaging services has dropped to considerable level. Researchers predict that the main reason for this is the cheap availability of Internet. When people can share photos and other multimedia content in Internet, why would they want to spend so much in multimedia message services? Though this kind of service is not dead, the real usage has dropped to considerable level. This is the biggest drawback for cell phone service providers given the fact that they have been minting money on multimedia messages for quite a long time.


Before the evolution of social media websites, sharing of any good news happened on cell phones. But today the situation has changed. Social media accounts for 45 percentage of content shared on the Internet. Since then usage of most of the other communication tools like telephone, cell phone, mail has decreased to a consistent level.

Thus Facebook has evolved as a primary communication tool and has reduced the usage of cell phone. While we have to wait and see how this trend will shape in the future, we can clearly see a paradigm shift in user behavior.

Send free text messages from internet Send free text messages from internetComments Off on Send free text messages from internet

Most of us wonder how to get free calls through online or app. Some time we face challenge on getting free text messages. We reviewed MagicJack app which has great quality for calls but do not have text options. Similarly there are number of providers who has great support for calls but fall short in text message option. Here at free phone calls, we try to offer our suggestions on comprehensive solutions to our web visitors.

You may have to be choosy enough to work with multiple providers to get maximum benefit. For instance, provider 1 for calls, provider 2 for text and provider 3 for calls if provider 1 free quota is finished. In this way you stay behind the free bar and also enjoy unlimited access to calls and text without spending a dime.

Now coming back to free text messages, we were hunting in internet to see the best provider. Unfortunately the free texting business is full of spam. People try to leverage this opportunity to send ads with the free messages that are delivered to your friend’s cell phone. After analyzing a bit, we were able to find best provider that is completely free, scalable and spam free.


The provider that we selected for reviewing today is They have a clear interface with a great way to send text right from your browser. Though it is as clear as crystal, we would like to provide step by step instruction.

Step 1:

Login to their website and scroll down to the section where free text widget is offered. The biggest advantage here is no sign ups required. You really dont have to sign up to use their service. However they have the option of entering your email address for tracking purpose.

Step 2:

Once you are in the free text message widget, go on and enter your friend’s cell phone number. You will have to select the provider of your friend’s carrier. Most of the time we are not aware of it and hence there is a look up tool near the drop down menu which you can use. At this time of writing the tool does not work. We have notified the admin and we are sure they will fix it asap.

Step 3:

Enter your e-mail address and message. E-mail address is basically the way to track. People will see your e-mails and can reply to you. Enter the message and hit Send it button.


When we were testing it out, we received texts almost instantly. We got it within 5 seconds of sending it. Amazing isn’t it ?!!

Call phones for free from Gmail Call phones for free from GmailComments Off on Call phones for free from Gmail

Most of us use Gmail on a day to day basis. Today Gmail offered by Google is a preferred destination for e-mail all over the world. Though we are familiar with Gmail, most of us do not know this wonderful feature offered by Google. Yes, it is about the free calling feature.


When Gmail was launched by Google, it got lots of attraction and it eventually out beat Yahoo mail out of the waters. Today Gmail is being used by hundreds of millions of users all over the world. Gmail went on enhancing their operation by aquiring niche e-mail software websites and launched many new exciting feature. One of the great feature offered by Gmail is fee phone calls feature. Now we must not confuse Google voice with this. Google voice is a feature where a user can consolidate his multiple phone numbers into an unique number with one voice mail box. But this service is entirely different.

How to get started:

Before getting started you might want to know that this free phone calling feature is only applicable for domestic users who are in the US.  For rest of the world users Google has set price which can be viewed on

Here is the snap shot of the price for rest of the world users.

Coming back to the free US calls, all you need to have is a gmail account and a head set with mic to speak on.

  1. Login to your gmail account as usual.
  2. In the chat box where we typically enter the name of our contacts, enter the US number that you wish to call. It can be either land line or mobile – it doesn’t matter.
  3. An option will come up which will say “Call phone”
  4. Boom…. You will be seeing a screen just like that chat and it will connect you to the phone that you want to call.
  5. Google uses anonymous numbers to call any phone. On our testing we received call from the number  760-705-8888
  6. When we tried calling this number back there was a error message.



Free International Phone call by Tuitalk – Review Free International Phone call by Tuitalk – ReviewComments Off on Free International Phone call by Tuitalk – Review

Many a time people talk about free phone calls and most of them are limited to United States and Canada. What if your relative is studying in Russia or Malaysia and you want to make a quick call? What if your carrier provider charges more when it comes to international calls? Now comes the need for making international calls from a client based free provider. And if you are looking for one you have come to the right place.

In this post we will review Tuitalk, a client based approach to free international calls. Yes, it is free and there is no hidden charges or whatsoever.

Tuitalk, the Background:

Tuitalk is a a software based approach to free international calls. So, you may wonder what is needed to make these calls? All you need is a desktop with speakers, mic or a headset. You can also make calls right from your iphone or windows based mobiles.

Why is it free?

You may wonder how and why Tuitalk offers this service at no cost. First as we said it is free, but it is not completely free! You can not make hours and hours of call freely without any restrictions!! While we discuss about the limitations later, these limited free international calls are sponsored by advertisers who pay for them.

How to get started?

First go to their download page and install the package. Then dial #, watch and ad and dial for free.


1) It is free to make international calls. Very less providers intend to give out free international calls.

2) Flexibility – It comes with wide range of options. You can download and make a call from your personal computer or laptop and it is available in mobiles.

3) Portability – As said earlier it is available in mobiles and can be used while you are on the move.


1) If you are using a computer, you might feel the pain of downloading their package, installing and following through the routine cycle.

2) Ad supported – Every time you make a call and you will be subject to see a 30 second ad.

3) Limitation – There are various ways of limitation and it is based on the country you are calling. 3 calls per day are allowed. And for every 3 calls the time frame is limited based on the destination you call. Find the complete details on the country and time frame at their country page.


Tuitalk may not be the ultimate way to speak freely for international destinations. But they are certainly a quick and easy way to make short international calls. Hope you enjoy calling your relatives and friends who are outside United States using Tuitalk.

Top 3 Free Internet Phone Call Providers Top 3 Free Internet Phone Call ProvidersComments Off on Top 3 Free Internet Phone Call Providers

There are people who live in internet phone calls. Yes, they do have a cell phone, but never the less they use it for the purpose of calling from it. When we have a way to make free phone call right from the internet why any one would bother to make a phone call from cell phone that sucks your money.

Here is where free phone call providers come into picture. They offer wide range of services like calling from PC to mobile, PC to PC, Mobile to PC via app and Mobile to Mobile via an app.

This is indeed best way to reduce your cell phone bills. As we saw in the cell phone comparison post the minimum monthly charge is close to $39.99 and the maximum spans till $99.99. Now the minimum pack has very less any time minutes – close to 450 minutes. But unfortunately this is not enough for many and at the same time not every one would like to pay more.

In this case you can use one of the following service to call from your PC or mobile app to a PC or mobile or land line and save money.

1) Google Voice

Google voice is predominantly considered to be consolidating your phone numbers into one Google voice number. Unfortunately many do not know that they offer free call facility. Yes, you can call to any number with the United States freely right from your computer through Google Voice Plugin. If you want to make international calls, then there might be a cost associated with this. You can review this cost at


2. iCall

We sort of reviewed iCall vs Skype in a previous post and you would obviously agree how popular iCall is. As said this is a free tool that offers you to make calls within United States or Canada. iCall is offered via many channels. They have a free desktop client for Windows, Mac. They also have apps for Blackberry and IPhone that can be used when you are connected to WIFI or 3G. Dont forget the call will disconnect every 5 minutes and you will hear an advertisement every time you call them. This can be the only con that we see.

3) Evaphone:

You might want to check our comprehensive EvaPhone Review. As said Evaphone is a free tool and a wonderful community. Well the unique ability of Evaphone is to make quick and really fast calls at an incredibly swift time. And the disadvantage is people try to take advantage of this system to make anonymous calls!



PalTalk – Review of interesting client based package PalTalk – Review of interesting client based packageComments Off on PalTalk – Review of interesting client based package

We recently came to know about Paltalk, a service provider that opened up its service in late 2009 and got lot of traction by acquiring Vumber and raising a series A funding of 6 Million.

By looking at the Crunchbase profile of Paltalk, it is backed by some very intelligent people of the industry. And today we are going to see a fullscape review of Paltalk and how you can get benefited from this service.

What is Paltalk?

Paltalk is a client based package that is absolutely free! Yes, most of the base features that are required to make free calls upto certain limit is absolutely free!

It is a community

Paltalk is not only like Skype, but it is a video conferencing tool that has a massive amount of user base. To be precise they say they have close to 4 Million user base. They also have many chat rooms that makes it easy to get organized. Now if you are looking for new friends online and quickly chat to them face to face Paltalk is the best client to use.

How to get started?

Now as any client based package works you will have to download Paltalk to your desktop. The installation is fairly straight forward. Once downloaded you will have to have a registered account to register and start talking. The very interesting feature about Paltalk desktop client is you will be given a unique url. This is the differentiator. Your family members who know this url can reach you directly.

Now you can select any chat rooms or create a private chat rooms and then start talking. It allows up to 10 members video conferencing which is really a cool feature.

On the Mobile:

Now you may be wondering how to access the same feature on mobile. Paltalk as any free calls software has variety of options for this. You may have an iphone or Android or even Balckberry – They have an app that can support it.

Free Calls:

As said earlier Paltalk acquired Vumber which offers a limited free calls features. The interesting fact is you can get two lines – A business number and a personal number which you can access right from the app. This is the only app that supports dual number feature that allows you to call and receive calls right from the app. The app is available in the App store –

iCall vs Skype – Free Phone Call War iCall vs Skype – Free Phone Call WarComments Off on iCall vs Skype – Free Phone Call War

To compare with Skype any service provider company must have some thing special in it. And yes, iCall has something special to be analyzed here.

Before even getting started let’s give you a brief intro on what is iCall all about. As per the owners iCall is a software / app that allows you to make and receive free phone calls. We were wondering how can a company offer free calls without any so called catch. And to our surprise most of what iCall says is true. They offer free call of up to 5 minutes to any number within US and Canada.

Now what is this has to do with Skype? There is a wide talk in the internet that iCall is growing to be a closest competition to Skype. However we would not say so. ICall vs Skype is a topic that is good to talk but both of their business are little bit different. While Skype is a freemium based company which offers video chat, call, IM and other facility, iCall only focuses on phone calls. It can be called as a virtual telephone, a phone that can be operated whenever needed if there is an internet connection.

However iCall ad Skype crosses each other in many forms. Here is some interesting facts about iCall and Skype.


Skype – 175 Million !

iCall – 6 Million

Price comparison:

Obviously one must say that Skype is not that cheap when compared to iCall. Just have in mind that Skype is not only offering free calls channel, it is large than that.

Annoying thing about iCall:

What we love about Skype is its clean and adv free platform. That is completely missing in Icall. When we made our test call, which is a free call that is supposed to elapse in 5 minutes we were hearing Walgreens add for 1 minute. Though it is free and acceptable, some times it is annoying and not so acceptable.

Best feature in iCall:

We would certainly need to highlight this feature in iCall. They have an iPhone app, that is really cool. What is so better about this app is that with WIFI it makes this app as a virtual free calling app. Say for example you have free WIFi in your office (Most of us do) and you have this app, you can connect and make countless calls for free. If you have a limited cellphone limit and would like to leverage, this is a great opportunity.

The iPhone app can be downloaded from here 

So download this app, connect to internet and sit back to enjoy your free calls !!



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