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Free iPhone Applications for Free Texting And Messaging Free iPhone Applications for Free Texting And MessagingComments Off on Free iPhone Applications for Free Texting And Messaging

With hundreds of applications being launched for iPhone, you might wonder whether there are any applications that will allow you to contact friends freely. Thanks to efforts of some companies, you can now message and text your friends and contacts for free on iPhone. Check out the best applications that allow you to stay connected without burdening your phone bills.

HeyWire: If you need an application that offers the basic IM solutions, this application is just fine. The application works with a number of chat functions including Gtalk and Facebook chat. You can download the application for free.

IMO: This application is a single solution to all IM needs. You can chat with all your contacts on various platforms such as Gtalk, Facebook chat, MSN, Yahoo, Jabber, AIM, Skype, MySpace and many others. Check the features of the application before downloading for iPhone.

Yahoo! Messenger: This application from Yahoo for iPhone is same as the desktop version. It supports making calls on the messenger in both audio and video mode. You can send free SMS and can make voice calls without any hassles. A competent choice!

Palringo: This is renowned application for iPhone that is known to support many networks. You can make free SMS from the application and can send picture messages. Downloading Palringo is easy and cheap.

There are many applications apart these that can offer you cheap SMS and messaging services. The idea is to look for an application that allows cheap calling, as well. This will help you save the space on your iPhone as one application will handle everything without burdening you with bills. You can save around 90% of your mobile bills in the long run. However, always use free applications that are popular among other users. Stay happy with free texting on iPhone!

Data Privacy and Free Phone Call Services Data Privacy and Free Phone Call ServicesComments Off on Data Privacy and Free Phone Call Services

We have seen number of reviews of free call applications and we thought it would be better to talk about free phone call services and data privacy. Consumers are aware that free services are not always secure to use. There are lots of people in the internal talking about data privacy in free phone call services. What data privacy has to do with free phone call services? While offering free phone call services, service providers will encounter huge amount of data. Data in terms of mobile numbers, cell phone talks, text exchanges and other privacy information are being handled by free phone service providers. One might wonder how this data is being handled and how much of this information is being secured properly.

As we said earlier, people are aware of the fact that data is being stored in one form or the other. Are these data secured? Is the data being used for the right reason? These are some basic questions that arise in end user’s mind. Upon our research, legal rules in the United States does not allow any service providers to store Private information such as chat, e-mail and relevant information in a readable format. Though service providers put every effort in handling user data, there are chances where this information can be hacked or stolen. Internet security industry has grown to a great scale, that, today we have number of security measures to avoid this.

When it comes to applications that are available in Apps market such as Apple and android are very much secure and very much reliable. This is because of the fact that Apple and android have stringent regulations before they approve an application that can be used by public. The application that is being used via app market is safe and secure when it comes to data privacy. Apple and Google should follow data privacy as set by Government when approving the apps.

The only problem of data privacy arises when the user starts using company software or website that has not passed through any kind of validation. The best way to find out is to use best antivirus available in the market. Whenever applications and software is installed in a computer sends out critical information to the server, antivirus would alert you about such incidents. One of the best antivirus software that can be used for this purpose is Kaspersky antivirus. This package has strong and secure rules that prevent any un-authorized transfer of data.

‘Free Cell Phones’ – Are they really free? ‘Free Cell Phones’ – Are they really free?Comments Off on ‘Free Cell Phones’ – Are they really free?

There are number of advertisements campaigns in today’s cell phone industry carry this jargon – ‘Free cell phones’.

While the term seem to be amusing the customers, we wanted ti throw some light on the hidden secret behind this. Before that, ask these questions to yourself.

  • Why would a company offer free cell phones?
  • What is the tangible benefit for them?
  • Why any one in the world invest money on hardware cell phones and offer it for free?
  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Nexus
  • Cricket mobile
  • And even iPhone…!
6 mobile collaboration apps for better productivity 6 mobile collaboration apps for better productivityComments Off on 6 mobile collaboration apps for better productivity

2000 was desktop and laptop revolution and today is the era of smart phones.

Smart phones have changed the way we live. Today we will see some amazing mobile collaboration apps that can help you in your day to day lives. These apps will help you enhance communication and help to improve productivity.

Google Maps:

Google maps comes in default with purchase of any apple products. As Steve Jobs said, this app was developed by Apple engineers and has wonderful options. We see number of people using this app as a virtual GPS while driving. With a good car iphone stand, this app can be a replacement for traditional GPS device.

Quick Office:

Ever wondered how to edit and view micro soft office documents. Quick office app solves this problem. It allows you to create, edit and view all micro soft office documents. It can be used to project presentations and make real quick edits on the fly. This app is not free and is priced at $14.99

Group Me:

Like Free phone call apps, Group me allows users for group conferencing and group messaging. You can create groups and add users to it right from your contact list. Every group will receive a unique conference calling number that can be used to talk to group members. This app is universally available – Iphone, Ipad, Android, Black Berry and windows mobiles.

Drop Box App:

Drop box is a file management software that helps you manage your files remotely. It is a famous service and is being used by tons of users. They also have a very good desktop client from which you can upload and share your files to anyone. This app help you manage files between desktop and your smart phone. It also allows to upload and share your smart phone pictures. Importantly this app is absolutely free.

Google Translate:

Google translate is one of the best Google products and are being used by number of users worldwide. Currently Google translator allows translation in 50 languages and research are being made for adding more languages in the future. The advantage of Google Translate app is that the ability to receive the inputs on voice. Yes it has an inbuilt voice recognition technology.

Fuze Meeting:

It is exactly a webex version of smart phone. You can host video meetings with the help of this app. The cost of this app is $9.99 per day per meeting and $29 for a month for 25 participants.

Tips for safety usage of cell phones Tips for safety usage of cell phonesComments Off on Tips for safety usage of cell phones

In today’s world, a life without cell phones is unimaginable. Cell phones have become an integral part of human life. While we use our cell phones for hours together, some are not aware of the potential hazard that it can cause to your life in long term. This article will have some safety usage tips of cell phones which you might want to read.

  1. Drive and talk: Perhaps you might have heard this a lot. Try not to talk in a cell phone while you are driving. Though some states do not have any rules to avoid this, it is not recommended. Talking in cell phones diverts your attention and can cause accidents. If it is an important call that needs to be answered for sure, you might want to use blue tooth head sets or hands free.
  2. Drink and Drive: Most of you might be aware of this simple rule! You are not supposed to drive while you are drunk. It is for your own personal reasons that drink and drive in not allowed almost in every part of the world. In the US, federal and state laws do not permit people to drink and drive. US has some serious rules that can abduct your driving licence for life time.
  3. Too much talk is not good: As said earlier, cell phones have become an integral part of life. However too much of talk is not advisable. Firstly there are radiation emitted from your device which is not good for your body. Secondly constant cell phone talks can affect your ear drums in long term. Hence avoid using cell phones for long hours on a long term basis.
  4. Usage of head sets: It is always advisable to use head sets when you want to talk for long hours. This is to avoid the radiation effect that is emitted by a cell phone.
  5. Less sound: Some people have the habit of talking in cell phones with full volume. This is a very bad habit. Once you got used to such practice, it is very difficult to change. Hence make sure that your cell phone volume is optimum while you are speaking.
  6. Maintain a distance: Often we see people holding their cell phone very close to their ears. Researchers predict that you might have to maintain at least 5 cm distance from your ears. It is not recommended to hold it tight to the ears and talk.
Why Google+ hangouts in Mobile will be the next generation mobility video conference Why Google+ hangouts in Mobile will be the next generation mobility video conferenceComments Off on Why Google+ hangouts in Mobile will be the next generation mobility video conference

Google plus the much successful social networking tool from Google has set out some unimaginable benchmark for the video calling fraternity. Google plus came up with multiple features. Out of all these feature the most attractive and most welcomed feature in ‘Google+ Hangout’.

Google plus Handout lets users to collaborate together in a video screen. In other words it is a video conferencing feature from Google. While handouts is not available in any mobile app at this point spokesmen from Google+ team has confirmed that this feature is scheduled to be released in iPhone. Here are some factors that we consider why Google+ hangouts in mobile will be the next generation mobile video conferencing.

  1. Multi user interface:
    Unlike competition Google+ hangouts is a multi user interface where one can chat with multiple friends in same time. While this option is available in Skype desktop as a premium service, no mobile app provider has this option at this point.
  2. Adjustable by itself:
    This is an innovation in video conferencing industry. The screen shows the user who is currently talking or currently talking loudly. No other app has ever been designed to incorporate this intriguing feature. This is a unique value that is being offered by Google +.
  3. It is Free:
    Some apps that are currently available in Android market have the ability of group video chat. However they have a premium charge for this service. Unless like this, Google + hangout is completely free.
  4. Combination of Social Media:
    Google+ hangout is not a standalone product. It comes as a feature of Google+ which is a roaring social media tool. Hence the visitor traction to this tool will be greater compared to any other video calling tool. How about talking in video and seeing what your friend does in the real world? This integrates a unique user experience with the ability to talk freely.
  5. Integration with other Google mobile products:
    Google has other mobile products that can be bundled with Google+ hangouts. These products (such as maps, search app, Google voice) when bundled with video can provide a greater flexibility and adoption for the user.

While products like Apple iPhone already have features like Facetime which can be upgraded to features like Hangouts they are not widely available in other devices. As anyone might know Apple has closed loop that restricts its features to be used only in Apple manufactured devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod. However Google’s product in the form of app is more open and can be used in any device. Be it on Android or be it on iPhone these features can be available in the format of App. Hence Google + hangout is remarkably an innovation in the field of social media and mobility and is waiting to set history in the field of video conferencing.


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