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MagicJack App – New app offering free calls over wifi and 3G

A new app that is recently released in App market is MagicJack App. Though the name seem to be little different, the service seem to be really good. There are some raving customer reviews in the app market. People have started using their service right from the launch and this has become the most downloaded app in the free calls category.

What is MagicJack App:

We have reviewed number of apps like Viber, Fring, Tuitalk and many other apps. How MagicJack can be different from other mobile apps that are available in the market. While there is nothing specific to be mentioned, from the reviews written in App market it is evident that this app is doing phenomenally well is the US. Within few months of usage, this app has gathered good number of reviews.

Free calls:

Like any free phone call app, MagicJack uses Wifi or 3 G to make calls. Here are some interesting fact about MagicJack.

  • It has the ability to auto select WIFI it your mobile is near the connecting areas.
  • The app has ability to intimate if it is going to use the 3 G connection. Many apps do not ask for this and the user finally end up paying more on mobile bills on data usage.
  • It is completely free for users in the United States and Canada. Though their site shows options to buy, they are for long distance callers. This app can be completely used free for US and Canada.
  • The app has good level of quality in terms of sound reach out. There are many apps in the app market that avail this option, but many of them have poor quality. magicJack is an exemption and has good sound quality. The quality is being quoted in PC magazine.
  • The app can reach your mobile contacts and thereby can make calls without dialing in the text pad.
Now that we have seen some good qualities of this app, let us see some drawbacks.
  • This app does not support any texting options.
  • The app also does not have support for incoming calls. This eliminates the usage of app in bi-directional format.
  • When calling using the app, there is no usage of any unique numbers. Calls go from random number that makes it difficult for the other user to understand from where the call is originating from.
Given that this app is very much new, this kind of start is very much good for it’s future. Their product road map should try to bridge the current gaps in order to have a sustainable growth.

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