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Make Free and Cheap Calls with Plingm for iPhone Make Free and Cheap Calls with Plingm for iPhoneComments Off on Make Free and Cheap Calls with Plingm for iPhone

Plingm is one of the most important calling services around for iPhone users, and you can trust this service with your eyes closed. The application was previously known as freephoo, and so in case, you are already familiar with the name, you don’t need to be confused about their services. If you are looking towards getting an uncluttered free calling service, here are a few features of Plingm that you may be interested in.

  • Making calls to Plingm users is completely free, and therefore, you can make unlimited calls to those who are on Plingm.
  • Plingm does offer cheap calling services to over 50 countries. If you are new to Plingm, you get 10 min free calling to any number.
  • If you are roaming, there is no need to pay for those charges as Plingm uses Wi-Fi to get connected.
  • The low cost calling rates from Plingm make it one of the best options for iPhone users. You can call for a fixed rate that’s mentioned in Euros, which makes calculations easy for you.
  • The HD-sound quality for calls ensures that you don’t have trouble calling or reaching anyone in any part of the world where Plingm offers its services.
  • Using their services is easy as you can use one account for all devices on the iOS platform. You don’t need any username and can continue using your own number. There are no hassles of keeping a separate number, and hence, the services are easy to access.
  • There are no advertisements and hidden charges with Plingm, which makes it worth the value and attention.
  • You can directly call your friends on Facebook as well as LinkedIn even without knowing their numbers.

For other details, you can check the official portal of the company and find the rates that they are currently offering for iPhone. Making cheap calls on iPhone is few steps away!


Use Tu Me For iPhone For Making Cheap Calls Use Tu Me For iPhone For Making Cheap CallsComments Off on Use Tu Me For iPhone For Making Cheap Calls

Finding a cheap calling application that works for iPhone is not a daunting task anymore. Tu Me is one such application that works greatly for iPhone and works equally effectively for android, as well. It allows you to do everything you need, and without any limitations. Check some of the features for iPhone for Tu Me.

  • Most applications that allow free calling offer the service among the users, and same is the case for Tu Me. You can make free calls to Tu Me users, and you also have the option to send free texts anywhere you want.
  • The application of Tu Me offers everything for free, which means you can send free messages and calls everywhere. The services are free to most parts of the globe, and the company is very clear about the same.
  • Tu Me ensures that your messages are encrypted, so that every message and image you send is secured, private and safe. The services of Tu Me is trustworthy, and you can rely on them for everything.
  • The call quality of all calls and audio messages ensures the best experience for every user. No matter where you call, you can be sure and happy about the call quality and service.
  • All communication are securely stored, and you will never lose the data, even if you lose the phone or uninstall the application. You can also share content, photos, audio messages and everything.
  • Searching through your contacts and communications is easy with Tu Me. The application allows you to search everything in itself, so you don’t have to add friends separately. The timeline conversations are clearly mentioned and that ensures safety on its own.

On the whole, Tu Me is a complete application for iPhone. There are no ways that you can ignore this one!


Saving on Your iPhone Bills Saving on Your iPhone BillsComments Off on Saving on Your iPhone Bills

There are times when you will find that you are paying too much on your phone bills. If you are using iPhone, there are many applications that can help you save money. Listed below are a few applications for free and cheap calling on iPhone.

  • Skype: Like it or not, Skype is a service that you can hardly ignore. Although you cannot make calls to numbers on other cellular numbers, you can send instant messages to your contacts on Skype. The Skype-to-Skype calls are free with Wi-Fi. What works in the favour of Skype is the fact that everyone is on this service, so you can stay with anyone you want.
  • Fring: This application offers everything you need. Instant messaging is allowed for multiple platforms such as ICQ, MSN, AIM, Google Talk, and Yahoo Messenger. You can make free calls on VoIP and stay in touch with video calls. Everything for everyone; that’s Fring for you.
  • iCall Free VoIP: This service allows you to make free calls to any number on the application and receive calls, as well. You can still receive calls when you are not running the application. There are no roaming charges at all.
  • Nimbuzz: If instant messaging and saving on SMS is your forte, you cannot ignore the application at any cost. You can chat freely on a number of platforms namely Google Talk, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, AIM, Facebook, and MSN. The application works on a number of phones, and for iPhone users, there’s everything you will need.

Most applications for iPhone for cheap and free calling are available for free download, and hence, you need to take the call of choosing the right application. Some applications allow free calling for more than 200 countries on their service, which ensures you can save almost 90% of phone bills. Get set with free calling on iPhone.

Check the Features of Nimbuzz for iPhone Check the Features of Nimbuzz for iPhoneComments Off on Check the Features of Nimbuzz for iPhone

Nimbuzz Messenger is undoubtedly one of the best services that combine the internet with smart phone messenger. The best part is that it is available for all kinds of platforms, including iPhone. Ideally a messenger service allows users to chat on all kinds of messenger services such as MSN, Talk, Facebook, and Yahoo Messenger and you can use Nimbuzz on your iPhone to make unlimited audio and video calls along with sharing of photos and music. The popular chat buddy from Nimbuzz also allows you to connect with friends on Twitter, as well. Check the features of Nimbuzz on iPhone in detail given below.

  • You can make video calls from iPhone to other iPhone users and PCs for free.
  • High definition calls are also allowed on iPhone for free.
  • With Nimbuzz, you can replace SMS with easy instant messaging service.
  • Without using the audio, you can message and text on Nimbuzz with video, as well.
  • The application is available all around the clock with push notifications.
  • The application offers cheap calling rates on iPhone for landline and international calls.
  • You can do much more with Nimbuzz. You can set custom chat wallpaper, sort your contacts, block contacts that you want to avoid, use the application in the landscape mode, improve the presence icons, check Chat history, create free avatars and many such things.
  • For making calls, you need to have Nimbuzz on your iPhone and on the phone of your friend. The application for video calls works only on iOS 4.0 or later version.

With so many features from Nimbuzz, you don’t need to look any further for staying connected with your friends. The best thing about the application is that it’s easy and effective. You can find the application for android, as well. Finally, your iPhone becomes your social networking messenger without paying a single penny.

Check the Application of Keku for iPhone Check the Application of Keku for iPhoneComments Off on Check the Application of Keku for iPhone

If you have an iPhone and are tired of using VoIP applications, it’s time that you check Keku for iPhone. The application comes with its patented technology and has a wide range of features worth checking out. Listed are some reasons and features as why you should try Keku.

  • You can call other members of Keku for free. This application uses its own technology for offering free and cheap calling and hence you can be happy about the service.
  • If you want to call other people who are not on Keku, you can check the cheap calling and messaging rates from the company. More than 200 countries are listed in their plan. The first call from Keku is totally free for the new users.
  • The calls made on Keku uses the minute plan, or else, you can make calls through the internet via WiFi, 3G or 4G.
  • The application for iPhone integrates and syncs with the address book, which means you don’t have to spend time importing the contacts.
  • Purchasing credits from Keku is extremely straightforward. There are no hidden fees involved, and the call charges are just apt for any user. The rates may not be the best in the market, but you can surely save a large amount of your bills with the application.
  • There are local numbers that Keku assigns to international numbers. This further brings down the cost to a large extent as the local numbers are to be kept by the users.

With so many benefits and the patented technology of Keku, you can make sure that your phone bills don’t become a worry for you. The application for iPhone can be downloaded from iTunes, and the rates can be checked online on the portal of Keku. Enjoy cheap and free calling with this new application that’s promises action for iPhone users.

Quick Review of forfone for iPhone Quick Review of forfone for iPhoneComments Off on Quick Review of forfone for iPhone

forfone for iPhone is a VoIP application that offers free calls all over the globe, exclusively between forfone users. It also offers text and picture messaging for free. Here is a quick take on the services and features.

  • Complete free calls: Kudos to forfone for bringing entirely free calling services. There are no basic fees, and hence, there are no hidden fees, as well. You can make free calls to anyone in the world, provided the other person has forfone installed on their iPhone. The forfone application works on 3G and Wi-Fi.
  • Cheap calls elsewhere: forfone allows you to make calls to non-forfone users at stupendous cheap rates. Calling rates start for as low as 1.9 cents per minute. The rates can be checked on the official portal of forfone.
  • No registration required: The Company doesn’t want you to register on their website. You can make free calls just by downloading the application. Once downloaded, you will get a text message from forfone for validation. There is no username and password required for the service.
  • Easy integration: Unlike Skype where you have to give a username to your friends, forfone just allows you to use any contact that’s listed on your iPhone. This is an engrossing and helpful feature as you don’t need to add name for friends.
  • Excellent voice quality: forfone calls are of exceptional quality. If you have a decent internet connection, you will have no complaints with the service for any reason. The call quality is superb, and there are no issues in placing a call.

On the whole, forfone is a pretty decent application that promises a lot of action and is considered the best replacement for both Viber and Skype. If you are looking for free calls between friends, you don’t need to look anywhere but this application. The services are distinguished, and you are not charged with added costs.

Features of Voydat for iPhone Features of Voydat for iPhoneComments Off on Features of Voydat for iPhone

If you are in the search of the best calling application for iPhone, it’s likely that you will come across many names. One such application for cheap calling on iPhone that deserves a mention is Voydat. The best part is Voydat works for all other platforms like android and blackberry, as well. It is designed to work on all versions of iPhone, including models featuring 2G, 4G and 3G. In fact, you can use the application to your iPad and iPod that has an internet connection. You can download Voydat for iPhone from the App store. The application is loaded to work with Wi-Fi, GPRS, 3G and Edge. You can use any wireless connection mentioned above for connecting.

Basic features at a glance:

• You can make, as well as, receive calls on the Voydat network.
• The application also allows you to call in countries where VoIP is blocked.
• Calling is allowed to various traditional network support systems.
• Voydat application uses your existing call list and contact list. You can call contacts that are listed on your iPhone.
• There are options for callback and call log checking. You can see the duration for the last call, as well.
• Sending SMS is also allowed on Voydat.
• There are options to use the speaker, and the app allows audio control.
• Not to forget, Voydat also allows chatting function.
• Voydat can be used to call for more than 50 countries. The rates can be checked on the Voydat website.
• There is no connection cost involved, and you can download Voydat without any charges.

Voydat is undoubtedly decent for its features and is worth giving a try. If you are tired of using Rebtel or Viber, this application can bring you some fresh air with all the basic calling features included.

Why Choose Favafone for iPhone? Why Choose Favafone for iPhone?Comments Off on Why Choose Favafone for iPhone?

Favafone is one of the fastest growing applications for making cheap calls on iPhone. Available for platforms such as Blackberry and Android, Favafone is popular among iPhone users, as well. There are many features that this extraordinary application offers. Take a look at some features that Favafone offers for iPhone.

1. Favafone offers unbelievable rates for international calls, even on roaming. You can take a look online on their portal to know the exact rates offered by the company.
2. The services are immensely cheap for SMS, as well. No matter where you are, you can make cheap SMS to most popular countries.
3. You can use the contact list that’s already there on your iPhone. Phonebook integration is one of the most notable features of Favafone.
4. You can keep an eye on the balance exceeding easily without any miss as the current balance is displayed on the screen every time.
5. You can check rates before making the call. This ensures you are never cheated on the call rates.
6. You can also record your calls and replay them when you want.
7. The application also features the much talked about tunnel technology. You can make calls to countries where VoIP is blocked.

The application is Paypal verified, and you can make easy recharges in your account without any added complications. Since you can make calls on roaming, this app can help you save immensely on international calls. The services are immensely popular for being reliable and genuine. There are no hidden costs involved, which ensures you make money out of every recharge you do. If you are using the services for the first time, you will have no qualms with setup and installation. The application can be downloaded for free from iTunes, and you can check the support of the application to know more.

Top two applications for cheap and free calling on iPhone Top two applications for cheap and free calling on iPhoneComments Off on Top two applications for cheap and free calling on iPhone

Making free and cheap calls on iPhone is no longer a daunting task as there are many applications that offer services exclusively for iPhone. Listed are two popular applications that are ranked among top list of iPhone apps. You can take a look at the features and check the calling rates on their official portals to select one for your iPhone.

Talkatone: For using Talkatone, you need to login with your Facebook or Gmail account, which is mandatory. You can call on the application using your existing account using 3G and WiFi. The application uses some advanced codecs to ensure top notch sound quality. It supports both landscape and portrait modes, and you can also share your location with your friends. The application can also be used on a Bluetooth headset. You can also receive calls on the application and need not pay anything for roaming around the world. One the flip side, Talkatone doesn’t allow video chatting, which is a huge hindrance. Also, you can use only one account at a time, and there are no options for group chatting.

Rebtel: This application has been constantly rated as one of the top applications for iPhone. You can make free calls to other Rebtel users. For non-Rebtel users, there are cheap calling rates that can help you save almost 95% of the cost. The application also allows you to send SMS at cheap rates. You can call using Wi-Fi and 3G on the app. Rebtel allows you to use your existing iPhone address book, which is excellent. Another thing that’s attractive about Rebtel is the easy user interface and setup process. You will have no issues trying the application, and the call quality is just superb. Without any doubts, this is one of the most reliable calling applications for iPhone.

Use Comfi for iPhone for Cheap Calling Use Comfi for iPhone for Cheap CallingComments Off on Use Comfi for iPhone for Cheap Calling

If you want to use an application for iPhone, you can try Comfi for a change. It’s a popular application that won’t fail you. Given below are some of the salient features of Comfi.

1. Comfi is available for Android and iPhone platforms with the same range of features.
2. You can make calls from your address book of your iPhone.
3. There is no need for Wi-Fi or 3G. You can make calls directly from the application.
4. The calling rates allow you to save almost 98% of the total phone bills.
5. The installation is quite easy. You just need to enter the phone number, and you can start calling.
6. Comfi also offers $1 as free credit. The free credit can mount up to 40-45 minutes of calls on the given rates.
7. There are options to get money from referrals, as well.

Overall features:

It may be argued that Comfi doesn’t offer the best rates in the market. There are other applications that offer much better calling rates than this. However, the application is entirely free, and you get free calling minutes, as well. The setup is easy, and the user interface has own positive feedback on most reviews. There is no calling on Wi-Fi, which is obviously an aspect if you are concerned. Another problem in Comfi is the number system. In case, you change your phone number by any chance, you will require setting up the application all again. However, you can check your credit balance and other details without any hassle right on the phone.

Within a short time, Comfi has gained decent popularity among the users. If you are tired of using applications such as Talkatone and TruPhone, you can try the application for a change. You will not be much disappointed.


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