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How To Make Cheap Calls Abroad? How To Make Cheap Calls Abroad?Comments Off on How To Make Cheap Calls Abroad?

Most of us are looking for ways to save money on phone bills, and fortunately, smartphone users have many applications in hand for the same. When you are calling abroad, the cost of calls do matter, but thanks to the plethora of applications that allow free and cheap calling, you don’t need to struggle to save money, nor you need to reduce your talks. Here, some essential ways to save on international calls have been discussed.

  • The first way to save on international calls is VoIP. You can come across many services that use VoIP technology to offer free and unlimited calling. Such services are extremely useful for saving on international calls as most of these services are designed to offer free calling between users.
  • Skype has been traditionally known to offer cheap and free calling, but currently, there are many others such as Fring, ViberTango and Kakao that offer free calling and with rates that are lower than Skype. However, you may need to invite your friends, relatives and colleagues on the application, while almost most people are already on Skype.
  • When it comes to international calling services, don’t settle for anything that just offers voice calls. There are services, such as Tango, that offers free video calling, and there are many more that offer SMSing, texting and chatting services, as well.
  • Certain applications have their own patented technology for offering free international calling, and if you are looking to use them, ensure that you check the reviews in advance. Some technologies are just not worth paying your attention.
  • Finally, free calling and cheap calling may not be applicable to all countries, and that’s one reason, you need to see if a service is available in particular country. Also, make a check to see that a calling application works on your smartphone.


Mofree for Free and Cheap Calls Mofree for Free and Cheap CallsComments Off on Mofree for Free and Cheap Calls

Gone are times when you had to rely on your cellular network for making calls at cheap rates and had to use those cumbersome calling cards for making free calls. Mofree is one of the many applications that offer free and cheap calls over the internet, 3G and Wi-Fi connection. Here, some of the features that you can expect from Mofree when you start using their services.

  • The application of Mofree allows free calling to any part of the world on the service. This means you can call Mofree users for free, no matter where they are located.
  • You can make calls to other users, not the Mofree ones, at cheap rates that are offered by the company. The application needs to be downloaded on your mobile, and you can use Mofree for iPhone and android devices with equal ease.
  • They have a unique service called mofree+ which allows you to make free and cheap calls in areas where there is unsteady 3G network or lack of Wi-Fi service. The services use the popular back-calling technology, which ensures that the call quality is great, even when, you are not sure of the connection.
  • The account creation process with Mofree is extremely easy, and you need to only get the access code that the company will offer when you try for registration using your phone number.
  • The services of the company also work on feature phones, so you can use their free calling service on Symbian platforms, as well. For the calling rates, you need to check with the company’s website.
  •  For normal services of Mofree, the call quality is extremely great, and you just need to start calling for using their services.

Mofree is one of the most unpretentious services around, so you can trust them for free calling.


Make free VoIP calls with Voziphone Make free VoIP calls with VoziphoneComments Off on Make free VoIP calls with Voziphone

When you are looking for a VoIP service provider, you must be looking for dirt cheap and free calls. This is what Voziphone offers you, ensuring you get to make free calls without many hassles. Some of the features of this free and cheap calling application are listed below.

  • The application of Voziphone allows getting free calling minutes to Canada, USA and Puerto Rico up to 300 minutes. If you have friends in these three countries, there is no way that you will look for any other application.
  • The company charges you for every second. Voziphone allows you to save amount on per minute calls. If you are calling for less than 30 seconds, you will be charged half.
  • All national and international calls on Voziphone are extremely low on cost. You can make calls on 3G and Wi-Fi networks, and you can call anyone, right from your friends, family and business networks without having accessed ITS minutes.
  • Calls that are made between Voziphone users are absolutely free. There are no contracts and you can check your account balance online. Since VoIP is the medium of the service, you can be assured about the quality of the calls. Voziphone also allows you to view the history of the calls right on your mobile.
  • When you are calling on this service, you are saved from all kinds of additional monthly bills and contracts. You can be assured that you can save more than 80% of the traditional bill costs and ensure high profitability. There are no hidden charges, and the rates can be found on their official portal.

When you are willing to save money on your calls, Voziphone comes as the smartest solution. The application of Voziphone is easy to use, and the call rates are really cheap enough to enhance the savings.


Indoona for Making Cheap Calls on Android and Smartphones Indoona for Making Cheap Calls on Android and SmartphonesComments Off on Indoona for Making Cheap Calls on Android and Smartphones

Indoona is a free VoIP application that allows you to make phone calls, video calls and send multimedia texts on android, smartphones and PC for free. There are many features of the application, and some of them are mentioned below.

  • The Company has currently launched its Italy landline promotion service that will allow you to make free phone calls to all landlines in Italy for 200 minutes.
  • You can make calls on Indoona numbers for free. Like most other VoIP services around, the free calling from Indoona works greatly for user to user calling. You can also make free video calls to users of the application, as well.
  • There are no limits to free multimedia messaging when it comes to Indoona. You can share pictures, texts and videos with your friends without any charges.
  • With call rates as low as 0.8 eurocents per minute, you can make low cost calls around the world. After the first minute, the calls are charged by per minute. There are no connection charges by Indoona, which is an added benefit.
  • If you want to make calls to Tiscali landlines in Italy, you can call them as many times you want. There are no limits!
  • When it comes to sound quality, Indoona has an audio technology that offers superior call quality, which is much better than general GSM calls. If you have a decent internet connection, there will be no problems with the sound quality.
  • You don’t need to import addresses to the application as the application will identify the users who are already on Indoona. You can start calling with Indoona for free. The service can be used anywhere and on any kind of Smartphone. Android users too can use the application smartly.

The application is expected to have a new feature of social networking, as well, in time to come.

Make International Calls with Qtalk For Free Make International Calls with Qtalk For FreeComments Off on Make International Calls with Qtalk For Free

When saving on phone bills becomes a necessity, it is essential to find an application that you can rely on. Qtalk is one such application that allows you to make free calls anywhere you want. Check some of the features of Qtalk at a glance.

  • You can make free calls to all other Qtalk users. You can call as many users as you want and talk to them endlessly. This is one thing that not many applications can offer.
  • You can do one to one group chat and enjoy messaging with Qtalk.
  • The application uses Smartphone’s address book, which means you don’t have to add and import contacts on your own. You can call your friends for free when you know the names that are already using Qtalk.
  • There are push notifications that allows you to know when you are receiving a call on Qtalk. There is no need to play Qtalk when you have an incoming call.
  • You can also do group chats, midnight calls and conference calls with anyone you want, and according to the application, this is a unique feature.
  • The sound quality of Qtalk sets it apart from other cheap calling applications. You get call quality that’s better than regular cell phone calls.
  • The application works on 3G, which means, you will have to pay for your internet minutes. The application is extremely fast and doesn’t slow down your phone, which is excellent.

On the whole, Qtalk is a decent application and has everything going in its favour, except for the fact that the company is silent on the roaming factor. If you are looking for an easy to use application, this is a name that will not disappoint you in any way. Calls are free, and the application works with most smartphones without any hassle on calling.



Cheap calls with VoX Mobile VoIP Cheap calls with VoX Mobile VoIPComments Off on Cheap calls with VoX Mobile VoIP

If you are looking for VoIP service that you can rely on, VoX Mobile VoIP can be the apt choice for you. Check some of the features mentioned below for VoX Mobile VoIP.

  • When you start using their service, you get 60 minutes free calling to 60 countries, and that’s something worth checking out.
  • When you call other VoX Mobile customers, you will get unlimited SIP/VoIP calling free along with free instant messaging. All you need is either of 3G/4G or Wi-Fi networks.
  • If you have been using Vonage or Skype, it’s time that you check VoX. Calling to countries like India, UK and Mexico cannot be cheaper than this. The application also works on roaming, so you can also save on your calling minutes from your carrier.
  • You will get a real phone number when you start using their service, and as mentioned earlier, you can check the countries where you can get 60 minutes of free calling.
  • VoX Mobile customers can call each other for free without any hassles. The application offers voice mail, as well. There are other free services such as 3-way calling, call waiting, and caller ID.
  • Advanced users can use the services of Incoming call filtering. The application also offers to integrate contacts right from the address book. You don’t have to do anything for getting numbers to the application. Also, there is an integrated dial pad, as well.
  • The application supports multiple call statements and allows you to manage your calls online. You can check their official portal to find the kind of details they offer. Checking their services is easy, and the call quality is just any other VoIP application.

With so many advantages, things are great with VoX Mobile VoIP on your phone. The application has exciting features worth checking, and the services are clean sans any contracts.

Make Free Calls with Eon Phone Make Free Calls with Eon PhoneComments Off on Make Free Calls with Eon Phone

If you are looking for making free calls to the United States or Canada, you can safely try the services of Eon Phone. The application is available for android and Apple’s iPad, iPod and iPhone and is highly popular among users who call frequently to both the countries. Check some of the features mentioned below.

  • You can download the application of Eon Phone to start dialing. The calls are 10 minutes long, but you are allowed to make as many calls as you want.
  • The application integrates with your Android contacts, and hence, you don’t need to add any numbers on your own in the application.
  • Eon Phone can make calls on Wi-Fi or 3G or 4G. The application can also make calls on the cellular network. The idea is that you are never out of reach with the application. You have cellular network at remote places, and for other places, you have Wi-Fi.
  • The free outbound calling facility is superb, and call quality is just too good. Since the cellular network option is available, you will hardly face any difficulties in connecting the calls.
  • Eon Phone allows you to maintain and check call logs in a simplified manner with an option for using speaker phone.
  • There are small and interesting facilities such as call logs and mute call option, which helps you to choose the options.

On the flip side, the services of Eon Phone are limited to just two countries. So, in case, you are looking for free calls to other parts of the globe, you will need to install another application. In short, the application doesn’t answer all your needs of communication. Also, the application allows only 10 minutes calls, which is definitely not a positive sign. On the whole, the services are not bad for those to want to call in US or Canada.

Get Set with Free Calling with Kakaotalk Get Set with Free Calling with KakaotalkComments Off on Get Set with Free Calling with Kakaotalk

Communication applications are getting popular day by day. Today, everyone is used to using such applications. KakaoTalk is a popular VoIP service that helps you save hugely on calls. Check some of the cool features of this application, which are best recommended for using on an android platform.

  • Free VoIP based calls to KakaoTalk users. The calls are made over Wi-Fi and 3G, and application uses the existing data plan of your mobile. There is a unique VoIP filter option that allows you to talk to your friends in an inimitable voice tone.
  • You can also use the application of KakaoTalk for sending and receiving texts, videos photos, and audios, and all this is without any restriction. The application also allows you to find when a message is read by the recipient.
  • The services of KakaoTalk are just too fast. You don’t need to wait to see if your message has been sent. Everything works in a lightning speed. You can also record your voice in superior quality and take less than a minute to send the same.
  • If you like a few artists, you can add them as favorites on “Plus Friends” for receiving their updates. However, check the application if the service is available in your country.
  • The application of KakaoTalk can be downloaded easily, and all you need to do is to put your phone number to get started.
  • Adding friends is easy and uncomplicated. The contacts are automatically added in the application through your existing phonebook.

KakaoTalk has been named by CNet as the ‘Number One’ free texting application. There are more than 46 million users, and the customer support system is extremely supportive. The group chat feature with unlimited number of friends is yet another highlight of the application. KakaoTalk is equally popular on Google Play, so get set with free calling!


Make Free Calls with Mobyler Make Free Calls with MobylerComments Off on Make Free Calls with Mobyler

Mobyler is one of the most trusted VoIP services that allow you to make calls for free to any Mobyler user in every part of the globe. There are some very great features of the company that makes it a reliable service. Check some features of Mobyler listed below.

  • Mobyler does not charge you with roaming costs. This simply means that you can call anyone on the application for free, even if, you are not in your home town. You can use their services in almost all countries, except for the ones where VoIP is banned.
  • The application allows free calls among applications users using 3G or Wi-Fi, which is quite commendable. If you have an iPhone or Android based phones, using Mobyler is not an issue. Blackberry version is expected soon.
  • Mobyler allows you to make calls to non application users at very cheap rates. You can check the call rates on their service website.
  • Mobyler has mostly advertised its services for iPhone, and hence, you have to check if it works for your phone or not. The application searches your iPhone to find contacts that are on Mobyler and informs you about the same.
  • The company claims that’s they don’t use the contact details of customers for any other purpose, so if reliability is the case with you, this is a service that you can trust eyes closed.
  • The call quality of Mobyler calls is quite up to the mark. Most users claim that the services are authentic, and there are no hidden charges involved.

On the whole, Mobyler is a VoIP service that does work for iPhone to a great extent. It remains to be seen as what they do to upgrade their services in coming times. Recommended for iPhone users! The rates are decent, and the call quality is great!

Check Maaii for Free Calling on Smartphone Check Maaii for Free Calling on SmartphoneComments Off on Check Maaii for Free Calling on Smartphone

If you have used Viber, it’s time you check Maaii, which is a remarkably similar service. It is one of the best launches for Android and iOS devices and offers unparalleled options for social network integration. Take a look at some features that will tempt you to use this service.

  • You need to register your mobile number with Maaii to start using its services.
  • Maaii works for both iPhone and Android. You can call and message anyone in your contacts and can stay connected with the company.
  • The application works with your Facebook account. You can manage and sync your friends into Maaii without any hassle. The application can use the Facebook profile picture as standard picture for Maaii.
  • Maaii works with your existing phonebook. This simply means that you don’t have to import contacts anymore. You can just start using the service.
  • You will never miss any calls when Maaii isn’t working. You can also check the messages that are received during the offline period.
  • You can download the application from The App store or Google Play.
  • Calls between the members of Maaii are free. You also get 100 free minutes to call on landlines and mobiles for certain destinations at the time of registration.
  • It uses the data services of the cellular service provider, and hence, there is no elimination of roaming costs. This is a significant drawback, given the fact that most other free calling services work on Wi-Fi and offer easy calling even in other countries.
  • The application doesn’t have any forced advertisements.
  • Chat messages and call history in Maaii can be deleted easily. However, the application doesn’t allow you to retrieve the same.

On the whole, this is a commendable service that’s worth giving a try. You will not be disappointed, except when you are on roaming.


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