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Use Vonage Mobile to Make Calls and Texts Use Vonage Mobile to Make Calls and TextsComments Off on Use Vonage Mobile to Make Calls and Texts

You can now use Vonage Mobile to make free calls on all Smartphones. The application can be used for both iPhone and Android devices. You can send free SMS to all parts of the globe, and when it comes to calls, Vonage offers the best and unbeatable prices in the market. Here’s a quick take on the features!

• All SMS and texting services are free on the application.
• Vonage offers high-def free calls, as well.
• You can send text photos and your location directly from the application.
• You can also call from Vonage to anyone who doesn’t have application. The call rates are so cheap that you can save almost 80% of the bills. As the company claims, the rates are 30% lower than Skype and 70% lower than rates offered by leading carriers.
• You can make calls on your existing address book. You don’t need to move in and out of the application to find numbers.
• Vonage is so smart that you will not miss anything, not even a SMS when the application is closed.
• You can make calls on 3G and Wi-Fi.
• You can invite your friends and relatives from the application by using your existing phonebook.
• Your caller ID will be the mobile number that you already have.
• You can purchase in-app easily from the download store. Vonage is available on Android Market and iTunes.

Vonage has got positive reviews from all parts of the globe, and needless to mention, it is being recommended by many. Take a look at the user reviews to understand the exact value of the application. The company is also offering some free calls scheme to users in the U.S and Canada, and you can check details on their official portal for mobiles.

Top 5 US cell phone providers Top 5 US cell phone providersComments Off on Top 5 US cell phone providers

US cell phone market is highly saturated with number of providers offering wide range of services. For a user who is new to cell phone usage, it is very difficult to analyze, research and come up with a provider who can solve his needs. Hence, today we will analyze top 5 US cell phone providers for their service, pricing and customer support. Meanwhile you may want to have a look at our detailed analysis of ATT vs T-mobile and Sprint

1. Verizon:

Verizon is rated to be number one US provider of all time. They have greatest service in terms of service coverage and customer support. Verizon is considered to be the most reliable US provider after winning number of awards like Civil jobs award, Computer World award, Corporate Responsibility award, Working Mother magazine award and much more. You can see their latest awards and recognition in their official news center –


Even though they have great service, their early termination fee is often criticized in the public. Verizon is also talked for losing grounds to its rival ATT in the iphone battle.

2. ATT:

ATT is considered to be the second largest and greatest provider in the US. Their recent domination in the iPhone battle is considered to be the talk of the town. ATT tried buying T-Mobile to become the largest unified service provider in the US. However this issue is under legal battles at this point of writing this post. ATT is know for having wide range of phones to choose from. They have the costliest $800 phone  (iphone) and the cheapest phone for $10 (Go phone). However network reliability is some areas may be week when compared to Verizon.

3. Sprint:

Sprint with its unique and innovative calling plans has reached to enormous number of users in the past. They have a unique way of doing everything – Right from calling plans, text options, data options, campaigns and marketing tactics. However their customer service is really not appreciated much in this market. They might want to revamp their customer service to gain lost customer segment.

4. T-Mobile:

T-mobile is ranked 4th in the US based on their customer numbers. They are known for excellent customer service and good rate plans. However their 3G plans are always criticized in the public for not being up to the mark.

5. Boost Mobile:

Boost mobile is good for no credit check cell phones. They do have a cheap unlimited phone calls which is the best in terms of cost. Network coverage and phone selection are on the downside.


Detailed US Cell Phone Plan Comparison – A&TT vs T-Mobile vs Sprint Detailed US Cell Phone Plan Comparison – A&TT vs T-Mobile vs SprintComments Off on Detailed US Cell Phone Plan Comparison – A&TT vs T-Mobile vs Sprint

We all know that recently AT&T went into buying T-mobile which is being currently under scrutiny of US government. When this is happening at one end, the number of cell phone service providers have grown to a great extent. While this is good to the industry, consumers end up in confusion on which service providers to select. Budget based cell phone service providers may not have good network and a good network provider’s cost may be huge.

So what is the best and optimum cell phone service that you can choose to? This is the question that is being iterated in many minds. This article attempts to compare the connection cost between US top three service providers – AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint.

Please bear in mind that we have not included other aspect of services like support, network coverage and customer service. This article is an apple to apple comparison on cost.

Talk Only:

So if your only usage of cell phone is to talk what provider will be best to consider? If you are a small scale user who can manage the entire talk minutes with 450 or 500 minutes all these three providers have a base plan. It starts at $39.99 per month where T-Mobile scores extra points for having a plan for 500 minutes while ATT and Sprint have 450 minutes plan. The other advanced plans in T-Mobile come with combination. They either have to be mixed with a data plan or text plan. However ATT and Spring provides this option and will cost $59.99 per month. Additionally ATT has a plan that allows you to handle unlimited calls in the cost of $69.99 per month.

Talk and Text:

It is not always people today rely on only call features. Texts have become a part of our life. So these providers have a combination plans where text and call features are clipped together and are offered to customers. On the first category of very limited call and unlimited texts Sprint and T-Mobile scores additional points when compared to ATT.

ATT has the pack priced at $10 more than the other two providers. ATT also pushes the cost by $20 for the next category of 900 minutes. Sprint seems to be $10 less when compared to ATT. T-mobile does not have a plan to fit into this category.

And in the final category where unlimited text and talk is supported, T-Mobile scores full mark for its remarkable $59.99 plan. When we compare this with ATT it is a whopping cost of $89.99. An absolute $30 difference is on the higher side.

Talk + Text + Data:

Now here comes the all in all pack or the power user packs. These packs are considered for advanced users who want everything unlimited. Yes – Calls, texts and data are all unlimited. Now let us see who scores the best based on the cost in which they are offered. Now we can rule out ATT as the cost is close to $120 for the advanced all in all pack. On the other side T-mobile offers two kind of budget options – One with 2GB data speed and it costs $79.99 and the other one with 5 GB data speed and it costs $89.99. So all together T-mobile seems to be very cheap for advanced usage. On the other hand Sprint has a medium cost of $99.99.

Which Service provider to choose?

As we saw in the information above, it is all basically tied to your usage. But as a thumb rule, if you are most advanced user you can go for T-mobile and if you are a small time user you can go for ATT. On a special occasion for a medium usage you can go for Sprint.


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