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ToiGo for Free Calling on Android ToiGo for Free Calling on AndroidComments Off on ToiGo for Free Calling on Android

When you are looking for free calling and texting service, ToiGo is a service worth looking out for. It is basically an application that offers free calling for the android platform. The services of the company are completely free. Check some of the services from ToiGo.

  • You can make calls and texts over the android platform and over the internet. The services can be used through both Wi-Fi and 3G. To avail free facility, the person you are calling is required to install the application as well.
  • The service of ToiGo offers you a unique service of voicemail, something that you will not find with others. You can leave audio messages for anyone you call and can also receive voice messages from others. You can get the messages sent to you by calling on 1234.
  • ToiGo is one of the few services that integrate with your android address book. You can send messages to others very easily over the internet. It is obvious that you will need an internet connection on your android device.
  • When it comes to roaming charges, most applications for free calling on android are silent on their services, but that’s not the case with ToiGo. You can call and use the same services from any part of the globe.
  • At best, you can compare ToiGo with services such as Skype and Viber. The services are similar with an exception that ToiGo is not available for the iOS platform. The services for the iPhone version have also been released.
  • MmsGo is another application for file sharing that will be released by August by the company, while VeoGo is for video calling that will be launched a month later after MmsGo.

The services from ToiGo seem to be great for now, and if you are looking for free calling without boundaries, check this free service.

Freeje Lite for Cheap Calling on Android Freeje Lite for Cheap Calling on AndroidComments Off on Freeje Lite for Cheap Calling on Android

Finding an application for cheap calls is not tough with so many applications around. If you are looking for reducing your mobile bills on your android phone, you can try Freeje Lite, which is a complete application for free calls. The application offers rates that are much lower than what you would pay to your cellular service. In fact, the company claims that the application will help you save more money than Skype. When you have many friends and relatives located in various parts of the globe, you can enjoy cheap calls with Freeje Lite. Here are a few features of the application that you would love to enjoy.

  • You can use your android device to call on any number, both landline and mobiles at cheap rates.
  • You need to use their service to top up your account, and once you are done, you can use the amount on the application for calling. Also, controlling the application is easy.
  • The calling rates for different places can be known even before you start making the call, which ensures that you are never cheated on the prices and rates. The application doesn’t need you to have a SIP account or any high internet connection for using the service. It can work on general 3G, WiFi, GPRS, and EDGE connections without any effort.
  • The calls made will only use the balance on the top up, and such, you don’t need to have any balance in your cellular account for making calls.

The company is known to have an easy interface, which ensures that there are no added hassles in using their service. Check online to find the list of rates they have. Freeje Lite is one of the few services that remain true to the claims. Get started with calling cheap on android.


Cheap calls with CrowdCall for Android Cheap calls with CrowdCall for AndroidComments Off on Cheap calls with CrowdCall for Android

Calling on CrowdCall is a complete pleasure. If you are looking to save phone bills, this is an application that you certainly need to check. Listed below are some features of the application.

  • You can make free conference and group calls  up to 10 per day with people in the United States, Canada and as many as 40 countries. For making calls to other parts of the globe, the rates are extremely low. You can also make calls to people who don’t have the application with them.
  • You can make instant calls with CrowdCall. The application doesn’t want to sign up and dial in numbers. You just need to use the call button for making calls, the application is as simple as that.
  • The application doesn’t use VoIP, which ensures that your data plans are not hampered. The application is not like GroupMe or Voxer that need line and carrier charges. CrowdCall remains true to what it says- free calls. The participants don’t need to do anything to join the conference. No pins are required to use the service.
  • The participants of free calling don’t even need to have CrowdCall with them. The server of the application uses their own number to reach them.
  • Unlike VoIP that drains your mobile for data and battery, this one is all safe. The application of CrowdCall works perfectly even without Wi-Fi. The call quality is one of the best that you can expect from free calling software. There is everything that you need, and the best part is there are no conditions applied.

You can check the rates online for calling in countries that are not included to the list of free calling. The services of CrowdCall are genuine with no hidden charges and fees, which make this one of the most trustworthy services in the world of free calling.



Vbuzzer: Free Calling Application for Android Vbuzzer: Free Calling Application for AndroidComments Off on Vbuzzer: Free Calling Application for Android

Finding a free calling application for android can be a challenge. Undoubtedly, VoIP based services are always better than other patented technologies as you can use VoIP in most parts of the globe, and the kind of call quality that you can get is beyond expectations. Vbuzzer is an application that allows users to make and receive calls on VoIP.

The calling is free in certain cases, while some calls are extremely low on costs. You can use various kinds of connections such as 3G or Wi-Fi to get connected through Vbuzzer network. The application runs in the background, which means you are VoIP alive at all while. Since VoIP has some issues in the Middle East region, you have the option to download the other Vbuzzer application for Middle East.

Calls made from Vbuzzer to other Vbuzzer are totally free, and the company claims that it will be the same all the while. You need to get on the application and bring your friends on Vbuzzer. Once you are done, you can make free calls. The company will offer you an internal phone number, which is an optional choice for Vbuzzer users. You can start making calls to others using this application. There is an option to leave a voice message, which the application transfers to the registered email address of the user of Vbuzzer.

You can make calls at super low rates to international phones, which is a huge benefit. Even if, people are not on Vbuzzer, the calling rates are still applicable. The application also allows you to receive calls on VoIP, as well. The application works with all versions of android OS version 2.1 or above. The software is based on SipDroid and one can check the official portal of Vbuzzer for complete details. The calling rates are effective, and as per most customers, the call quality is superb.



Using Beeztel for Android for Cheap Calls Using Beeztel for Android for Cheap CallsComments Off on Using Beeztel for Android for Cheap Calls

When you are having an android phone and want to save on calls, Beeztel is the perfect application for you. Check some cool features of the service and find the reasons to choose this application.

  • You can make free calls everywhere you go. You can call other Beeztel users for free and can make cheap calls everywhere. The free calling service is superb, and all that you need to do is to get as many friends as you want on the application.
  • If you thought that you needed an internet connection to make calls, Beeztel frees you from that too. There is no need to have internet connection to make calls with this application.
  • The application claims that you can save up to 98% of call costs. The calling rates and SMS rates are one of the lowest in the market. You can easily try the service with easy recharge.
  • The application also works for computer and MAC. If you are happy using the service for your android device, you can try on your computer, as well.
  • The application has certain options and offers where you can get free Beeztel credit. The credit can be used to make free calls to numbers and users who are not having Beeztel on their mobile. The application has options of many chances where you can earn credits for free.
  • The application doesn’t require you to add contacts as it automatically integrates with your phonebook. Beeztel is an excellent and fast application to use, and therefore, you will have no complaints in regards to user interface.

What works in favour of this application is the fact that it works with all android phones. Making cheap and free calls without any hassles has never been so easy. Calling rates can be checked online on their website.

TU Me for Android for Free Calling TU Me for Android for Free CallingComments Off on TU Me for Android for Free Calling

TU Me is a global application that allows you to call and message for free to any part of the world on android. The application is also available for smartphones and iPhones, and the range of features of the application is really appraisable. Here are a few features of TU Me at a glance.

  • The application allows you to make free calls and messages to all other users for free. In short, there are no hidden costs associated with the calls between the users.
  • The services of Tu Me also applies to all countries, which means you can call in any country for free without worries of ISD calls.
  • The service is secure and private. All the messages are encrypted and all images are delivered to the destination number without many hassles.
  • The quality of calls on Tu Me is just too good. Every call and audio message is of high quality, ensuring that you are never unsatisfied.
  • The application is also smart in every way. You can share your location and can even share your pictures with others. You can search for all communications easily and the application allows all these without any extra issue.
  • Tu Me application integrates smartly with your address book, which ensures that you don’t need add contacts on your own. It will automatically scan your address book and offer you the numbers that are already on the application.
  • There is a feature of timeline in the application that allows you to check conversations in a smart manner. You can keep your chats organized and in place.

On the whole, Tu Me is an amazing application for free calling that works fine for android users. The only thing is the application remains silent on roaming, which is not commendable. For free texting and calls, you can stick to this one!

Tongtong for Android: Check the features Tongtong for Android: Check the featuresComments Off on Tongtong for Android: Check the features

If you want an android application that offers better network than Skype and Viber, TongTong is the right service for you. It’s a free internet phone service software, here you can invite your friends and call each other for free. Check a few features of Tongtong for Android.

  • TongTong uses your existing data plan to make calls over 3G or WiFi. As such, your android device must have a data plan and all the essentials for using the application.
  • The call quality is just excellent, and you can use their services in more than 200 countries, which is itself a milestone.
  • You can talk and manage your call history, and arrange your contacts and can start an easy contact search option. If you make the application the default dial tool, it is likely that you will enjoy TongTong more.
  • You can talk to five of your friends at a time to make free voice chat. This is absolutely great as not many applications offer you that kind of service.
  • The application is available for iOS, as well. As for android, you can download it from Google Play easily. Please note that you may receive an SMS for confirmation.

While TongTong is a nice service, there are few things that you need to know. Firstly, the call quality is undisputedly great. No matter where you go, the call quality is excellent. The company doesn’t say anything about roaming charges, which is not great. There is nothing that you can ignore except for the calling charges. Also, the company is yet to taste fame. The number of users is limited, and there is no publicity of the service, and therefore, it is quite possible that you haven’t heard about Tong Tong. On the whole, a reliable free calling service for android, TongTong is worth taking a chance.

Make Free and Cheap Calls with foocall for Android Make Free and Cheap Calls with foocall for AndroidComments Off on Make Free and Cheap Calls with foocall for Android

If you are looking for cheap calling application for Android, foocall is a service that you definitely need to try. Making international calls with foocall is extremely easy and simple. Those who make frequent international calls, this application is a must have. The application has a version for iPhone, as well.

In the android version, you don’t need to have WiFi, 4G or 3G connection. You need to choose a destination for international calling out of your address book and call the same. The application routes your call to a local number, and after that, directly to the international destination. You can enjoy calling without any hassles. The local numbers are nothing but regular numbers on landline, and hence if you have free minutes on landline, the call to the initial landline number gets free. Check some reasons as why you should opt for foocall on Android.

  1. The call rates offered by foocall are really one of the cheapest you can get on Android.
  2. With many other applications, you may need to think about call quality, which is not true with foocall. The application offers clear call quality, no matter where you call.
  3. Since there is no need for any data collection such as WiFi or 3G, you can rely on foocall completely. You can call anywhere you go-in the car or while in your bedroom.

On the flip side, the application doesn’t reduce roaming costs. In fact, you will have to pay for the same charges, even if you are not on an international roaming. There is a positive aspect that foocall offers free credits. Hence, if you are not sure about the call quality, you can use the free credits to make a call. The application for foocall for android can be downloaded from Google Play for free. Make use of this amazing android application.

How to Choose an Android Application for Cheap Calling? How to Choose an Android Application for Cheap Calling?Comments Off on How to Choose an Android Application for Cheap Calling?

The world of cheap and free calling is getting bigger and better each day. More than a hundred applications are available to make free or cheap calls. However, as a consumer, how do you choose an application for cheap calling, especially on android? Take a look at some features and some applications on choosing the right service.

  • Free calling is allowed by a majority of applications, but you will be allowed to make free calls to only those numbers that are using the application. There are many in this list like Skype, Rebtel and Viber that are quite popular.
  • Look for an application that allows you to make free video calls, and one application that wins in this category is Tango. The video call quality is just superb, and you can even make group video calls.
  • There are many applications that allow you to integrate your social networking life within the service. You can try applications that merge with your Facebook chat and help you enjoy free services.
  • Not to forget, the user interface does matter. Skype has successfully launched a user interface that most users are comfortable with. Also, popular user interfaces include apps like Viber, Fring and Tango.
  • If you are a frequent traveller, you will need an application that doesn’t charge you roaming. Some applications use their own network to offer free calls, where as there are others which offer cheap rates when you are travelling.
  • The technology used for free calling also matters for call quality. Look for android applications that use VoIP or any patented technology. VoIP apps are easy to use and are distinguished on service.

On the whole, look for android applications that get positive reviews from experts and users alike. Popular applications are keen on customer support, which ensures quality service.  Call rates for cheap calls can be compared on review sites easily.

Use Vonage for Android for Cheap and Free International Calling Use Vonage for Android for Cheap and Free International CallingComments Off on Use Vonage for Android for Cheap and Free International Calling

When it comes to free calling, there are only a few applications that are as smart and authentic like Vonage. If you have used Skype and are satisfied with the service, you need to check Vonage to see the difference. Here’s a quick take at the features of this application for Android. The application is also available for iPhone, as well.

  • You can make high definition free calls to any Vonage user.
  • The application uses your existing phonebook to make calls.
  • SMS or text messaging service is also free between Vonage users.
  • You can also share your picture and location from Vonage directly.
  • For international calling, the rates are 70% lesser than regular carriers. The rates are even 30% lower than what Skype offers you.
  • Vonage works on both Wi-Fi and 3G.
  • Allows you to invite friends from your mobile address book.
  • Credits can be purchased right from the application
  • The application of Vonage doesn’t demand you to create any profile.
  • You can check the call history right on the application.
  • Caller ID uses your actual number, no fake or additional numbers there.
  • No missing of calls and SMS when the application is closed.
  • Currently, there is a limited time offer of calling for free on any landline or mobile in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Given the features, one can easily say that Vonage has managed to crack the market. This is a no-nonsense application that offers you what it promises. It remains to be seen whether the company launches its services for BlackBerry and Symbian platforms in coming days. Take a change with Vonage free calling and add friends to enjoy free calling, you will not be disappointed with this one.


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